BIO (eng)

My name is Francesco, 46 years old, I am a communicator, author and humanist, passionate of wine, travel, poetry and stories. I share my life with 4 cats, my wife, 2 daughters growing too quickly in a Tuscan country house where I reconnect with myself and beloved ones. Around a glass of wine, I have traveled the world, met lovely people, experienced different cultures (and food and wines!), enhanced the sense of nose, that is extremely powerful and emotional, and – above all – learned an idea of tasteful beauty that has been literally mind-blowing to me. Wine is the most sublime interaction between man and nature: it is about happiness, implies inclusivity, helps to convey a deep meaning of togetherness. I am so grateful to wine and therefore I have felt and feel every day the urgency of giving back a bit of the incredibly so much that wine has given to me. This is the inner purpose of what I do.

In my work, I have always enphatized this role of wine in designing conviviality, beauty and civilization, by putting ideas, humanity and creativity first to all. All my projects, all my scripts, all my speeches, all my tastings are ignited by a human and cultural touch, that however never forget monastic budget respect and return over investments.


Since 2023 I am the international communication director of Ruffino and travels regularly around the world as a brand ambassador of the company, presenting its iconic red wines and the heritage of Tuscany and Italy behind a glass. Starting from 2019, I lead all the global communication of Ruffino, its brands and its wines, setting the messages, the stories and the most appropriate media. I also manage the events and the public-relation activities, both from a brand and a corporate perspective. Sustainability and responsible drinking are strongly tied with my vision over wine and with my creative and strategic thinking. In 2018 I ideated and developed a project, named “Ruffino Cares”, with the idea to promote responsible drinking by recreating the atmospheres Italians have always consumed wine: in a way historically responsible, with others, with food and with meaningful connections. In this vision, environmental sustainability, biodiversity and diversity+inclusion are also embraced in “Ruffino Cares”. In 2020 “Ruffino Cares” was awarded in Confindustria Italia as the most engaging CSR communication platform, while in 2022 it won the Gavi Prize in Milano as “Best communication platform in sustainability”.

I have also matured a strong experience in wine hospitality: from 2019 till 2023 I have directed the creation, the opening and the general management of the brand experience center of Ruffino, that includes the restaurant “Tre Rane”, a name that recalls of a restaurant run by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence during the Reinassance. For my communication’s achievements in Ruffino as a public relation manager, I was named in 2015 “Communicator of the Year” by the Italian magazine “Civiltà del Bere”.  


I am also an author and copywriter: “La Toscana di Ruffino” (Cucchiaio di Argento / Phaedon 2016) is a book that celebrates the pleasure of staying together in Tuscany and all the stories tied with wine and togetherness. The book has had 2 reprints and has won the national prize “Quarta di Copertina” in 2018. I curated a lifestyle-magazine named, (2020-2022) with hundreds of lifestyle and food and wine articles. Since 2016 I am running my personal blog, where I tell the never-ending story of the renovation of my ancient country-house from XIII century, that is slowly back to life after years of abandon and now is my place in the world. “The Pillar of Civilization” (2022), is a script that tells the journey of wine, starting from the very first wine cellars in the ancient Colchis, passing from Mesopotamia, than Etruscans, Romans, Greeks and arriving up to Modern Times, where the wine is observed with a twofold angle: wine is an alcoholic beverage and when consumed properly, with others, for the taste of being together, has always elevated humanity to very refined way of aggregations, while, if consumed in excesses and in solitude, can be a brutal demon and sometime dangerous. I do prefer the convivial side of wine, that embraces also responsible drinking, but we have to be aware also of his “double” and his mystery. This story has been presented in pres. Other stories are “Il Principe del Chianti Classico” (2023), the story of Ruffino, and specific tailor-made scripts such as “Ti Amo”, written to celebrate 100 years of partnership of Ruffino in Sweden.


Strictly connected with my activity as an author, storyliner and copywriter is my storyteller and public speaker activity. I have presented my works, especially The Pillar of Civilization, in prestigious universities and gatherings, such as Business School Il Sole 24 Ore, the Symposium of Master of Wine in Germany, the University Sant’Anna di Pisa, the Master in Sustainable Viticulture of Piacenza, in Montreal, in Stockholm, Seoul and numerous cities of the world.

In parallel with this, comes my project “Wine Talks” – conversation around a glass, where I recreate small convivia, interacting with important person skilled in different sciences (medicians, war journalists, priests, writers, artists) and talking with a glass of wine in our hands, once again stating the role of wine in crafting beauty and civilization. 


Certified sommelier (WSET and Fisar), enthusiast and expert taster and frequent wine traveller – with a specific focus over Italian wines and a passion for the 3 grape kings of Italy (Sangiovese with Nebbiolo and Aglianico), matured in over 20 years of experience – I guide several wine tastings and seminars throughout the world. I also usually lead lessons and classes over wine communication and hospitality, such as with Movimento Turismo del Vino.


I hold a degree in Italian Literature (110 magna cum laude). My graduation thesis about Luigi Pirandello has been awarded the prestigious Italian prize Aldo Palazzeschi in 2005. I have completed with honor a post-graduation degree in communication in Milano at Accademia di Comunicazione. I also have attended during the years numerous courses of public speaking and storytelling.